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Buy or rent a robot that is capable of moving around your environment.


Put the robot to work collecting data from your environment to calibrate AI models for ‘task simulation’.


Load in the ‘task simulation’ model and run it with real-time data.

Our whiteboard work

We utilize Miro whiteboards for illustrating network infrastructure concepts. Our aim is to facilitate your understanding by enabling you to see how all the components fit together. In these presentations, we employ analogies to simplify complex details that may not be immediately necessary. It’s important to note that these analogies are designed specifically for non-technical users and are intended solely for exploring conceptual ideas.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

We’re currently focused on a project involving the alignment of business scenarios with authorization policies within Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE). This solution stands as one of the market leaders and offers the flexibility of phased deployment, starting with a monitoring mode. We’re keen to collaborate with companies looking to implement this solution initially in monitoring mode, which poses no risk of disrupting existing workflows. By adopting monitor mode, you gain valuable insight into your network traffic.

SD-WAN is the first step

Launching a solution like ISE is most effective when paired with SD-WAN capable network equipment, such as a Cisco edge router or firewall. This ensures seamless integration with the ISE solution deployed in a public cloud environment. With transparent running costs and the ability to procure only the necessary licenses, it simplifies the implementation process.